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  • A revolution betrayed?

    Thousands of Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square on the 9th of April 2011 to protest a violent attempt by military and security forces to clear the square earlier that morning. Although the military denied live rounds were used, protesters held bullet casings in the air, and hospitals reported treating gunshot wounds.

  • Ammunition

    After many weeks of popular clean up efforts, Tahrir Square was once again littered with broken paving stones used to repel government forces working to evict the demonstrators.

  • Blood and casing

    A young female demonstrator holds a bullet casing in her fingertips, caked with dried blood.

  • Military fire

    Although the government has denied the use of live ammunition in the pre-dawn raid on protesters in Tahrir Square, hundreds, if not thousands, of casings and pieces of military uniforms are displayed by the demonstrators to prove that a military regime many had trusted to protect the revolution had once again begun lying to its people.

  • Wreckage

    A military truck was set on fire in Tahrir Square as protesters fought back against government forces trying to evict them. The truck now serves as a barricade against future military invasion, and continues to smolder three days later.

  • Mubarak

    Demonstrators tried and sentenced a symbolic President Mubarak for crimes against his people in Tahrir Square. The April 8th 2001 'Peoples Trial' was presided over by a high ranking member of the Egyptian Judiciary.

  • Another martyr

    A makeshift memorial for a demonstrator killed in the attempted forced eviction on 9 April 2011. Demonstrators lined the site with barbed wire to prevent disturbance, and placed memorials around the bloodstains.

  • Retaking the square

    A demonstrator boasts of victory after military forces retreated from Tahrir Square after a morning of violence. Demonstrators have vowed to remain in the square until Field Marshall Tantawi, the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and long-time friend of Mubarak, resigns his position as de facto Head of State. Crowds Marched and chanted, "Leave! Tantawi the Dictator!'.