Themba Lewis' photography has featured in numerous print and online media - including al Jazeera, The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, and McClatchy Newspapers - and has been exhibited in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Themba holds graduate degrees from the American University in Cairo and the University of Oxford, where he lectured on analogue photography for the Oxford University Photographic Society and managed the Pembroke College darkroom.

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Themba can be contacted by email. Please also feel free to be in touch through Transterra Media.


Themba Lewis Photography, Documentary Photographer, 2011-Present. Photographs published by BBC, al-Jazeera, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Daily Beast

Oxford University Photography Society, Course Lecturer in Vintage and Analogue Photography 2007, University of Oxford, Oxford, England

Oxford University Photography Society, Darkroom Manager 2007-2008, Pembroke College, University of Oxford, Oxford, England

The Oxford Student, Photography Editor and Graphic Design Specialist 2007, University of Oxford, Oxford, England

Mt Pleasant Press, Founder, 1999-2005, Olympia, Washington/Portland, Oregon



“HIP-HOP, du Bronx aux rues arabes”, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France, April 2015

Photographs, Cairo Contested, Diane Singerman (ed.), The American University in Cairo Press, Cairo, January 2010

"photographs” September 2009,  Northern Gallery, 
Olympia, Washington, In collaboration.

“Olympia History Poster Project” August 2009, Various locations, Olympia, Washington, in collaboration.

"where am i and how do i know you?” PLAY Studio, 
Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey (2009) In collaboration.

"Come, we kill what is called Persecution Life: Photographic Exhibition of Sudanese Refugee Youth in Cairo 2006” St Antonys College, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (2008)

"Rwanda: In The Aftermath of Genocide" Exhibition of Documentary Photographs from Rwanda 1996-1999,  Arrowspace Gallery, Olympia, Washington (1999),  ArtsWalk, Olympia, Washington (2001), ArtsWalk, Olympia, Washington (2002)

"BURN DOWN TOWN" Exhibition of Architecture, Arson, and Aftermath Photography, ArtsWalk, Olympia, Washington (2003)

"Print Propaganda: Posters, Fliers & Broadsides by Themba Lewis & Iris Porter" July 3, 2005, Nocturnal, Portland, Oregon

"PDX PRNT: A Retrospective of Berbati’s Posters" September 2005, Berbati's Pan, 10 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland OR, In Collaboration

"Paper Revolution: 20 Years of Olympia Punk, DIY, and Underground Poster Art" October 9-12, 2003, The Historic Capitol Theater, Olympia, Washington, In Collaboration

"Graphic Noise: A group music poster exhibition" July 28 - August 20, 2005, Museum of Design Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, In collaboration. This exhibition has toured extensively throughout the United States

"Heck Fest!" Summer 2003, Shipwreck Café and Gallery, Anacortes, Washington. Part of the ‘What the Heck?’ International Music Festival 



For the time being: a partial iconography of revolution in Cairo, FUSE Magazine, 34-4, November 2011

‘Here Today’ Arts Grant Recipient, City Of Olympia, with Sarah Utter, 2009

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Poster of the Week, The Stranger, Seattle, May 2001