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  • Runners

    Looters with shopping carts run through the street.

  • Clarity

  • Clapham, 11pm

    The streets of Clapham were still and calm during the rioting due largely to a notable lack of police presence.

  • High Street

  • Pedestrian

  • Trespass

    Looters make their way through a Debenhams in Clapham.

  • Brixton Station

    A helicopter surveys damage around Brixton Tube after a night of riots.

  • Bobbies

    London police presence in Clapham during the riots was minimal.

  • Jon Richards, Clapham High Street

  • Business Shutdown

    A lock and security shop on Clapham High Street.

  • Brixton McDonalds

    With police stationed on both sides of the entry, customers sit in McDonalds behind shattered windows in Brixton.

  • 'Rioter Aged 7: Kids took on cops in £100m rampage'